I usually am involved in some network marketing activity, as I consider it a great vehicle for the average person to have freedom to pursue their financial and other goals.  My current recommendation is a product called Protandim, which everyone should be using, in my opinion, and many decide to once they do a bit of investigating the medical and scientific research concerning it.  Here is some information concerning it, copied from a recent email of mine to a doctor acquaintance:

The initial video, which was on ABC News in 2005, is at   
   www.primetime2005captions.com       and there is an 
interesting video when you click on the "heart health" 
link above the screen on that site.

Of course, at the U.S. Institute of Health's peer-reviewed 
research site,       www.pubmed.gov       , you can search 
the product's name, "Protandim", or the product's formulator, 
Dr. Joe McCord of U. of Colorado, who won awards for 
discovering the potent human enzyme SOD (superoxide 
dismutase) over forty years ago.  If you search "oxidative 
stress", the cellular level damage done by free radicals, 
you get about 100,000 papers.  You can narrow that by entering 
"oxidative stress Alzheimer's", "oxidative stress lupus", or 
"oxidative stress (any specific disease)" to see that oxidative 
stress is a culprit in almost every major disease - hundreds of 
them.  While we can't say Protandim cures anything, we can say 
that, based on the published studies, for 100% of people, being 
on Protandim will reduce their oxidative stress 40-70% in a 
month and bring it to the level of a twenty-year-old, and in a 
few months to that of a child.

There are a couple interesting recorded phone calls at  
    209/647-1999       , with PIN 126695#.  Call 64# is the 
history of the product and call 58# is some cancer survivors 
on the product.

I am committed to getting this information to everyone I can, 
as I strongly feel everyone should be on Protandim and 
TrueScience, the external cream version.  On my site,  
    www.freedom3.us       , anyone can place an order, become 
a preferred customer at a discount with an autoship order, or 
become a distributor.  If you think you have friends interested 
in joining, you should enroll as a distributor and get the 
enrollment credits and the foundation for a successful growing 
group.  I've talked on the phone several times with people 
above me in the sponsorship line, who are there to help all of 
us build well, by doing informational three-way calls, etc.  
I must say, I can't promise this happening for everyone, but 
without me signing up anyone in March nor making any retail 
sales (except for my mom on the 31st as a qualifier), my 
group grew without my help from a handful to 86 people and 
did over $15,000 in March sales volume.  That's already a 
bigger group than I built in some other programs I was in 
for years.  The main reason is that none of the other products 
had this level of published scientific research backing them, 
or produced results such as my friend Rodney's cardiologist 
signing up immediately upon seeing initial test results after 
Rodney got on Protandim.


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