Here I’m playing Wayne Shorter’s tune “Footprints” on piano:


This is “Alone Together” (Dietz/Schwartz) on bass, duo with guitarist Richie Zellon:


My arrangement of Neil Sedaka’s “Laughter in the Rain” is performed by the UCF Jazz Professors (Jeff Rupert, Per Danielsson, Bobby Koelble, me and Marty Morell) and the UCF Symphony Orchestra:


Here I’m playing piano with bassist Jeff Berlin on a Peter Erskine original for a drum clinic of his:


Here’s a sneak preview of the upcoming Jeff Berlin trio CD “Low Standards” with drummer Mike Clark, as we discuss an overdub edit (most of the CD was live with no edits) on Pat Metheny’s “James”, which is playing in the background:


In the background you can hear Jeff Berlin’s arrangement of the c minor Prelude from Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier played by Danny Gottlieb, Jeff and me, as Jeff and Miroslav Vitous comment on touring together (I played exclusively piano on the tour – no three-bass tunes):


Ken Loomer opened up the chart on “Brazil” on this big band concert to add solo space, including my impromptu piano introduction:


I’ve done a lot of duo and trio playing with pianist Michael Royal.  Here’s a sample:


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